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Championing Women Carers in Kerry.

Updated: May 8, 2022

The Phoenix Women’s Centre will be

Championing Women Carers in Kerry,

thanks to Sandy Feet Farm

who awarded the Phoenix Women’s Centre €1,000.

Event will take place:-

9th June, 11.00a.m. to 2.00p.m. Meadowlands Hotel Tralee

Contact us to book your place

Sandy Feet Farm invited women’s groups to apply for €1,000 which was to be used to Champion Women. The goal was to support women who were working to improve the standing of women in our community, however they chose to do it.

The Phoenix Women’s Centre was chosen for their proposed project to Champion Women Carers in Kerry.

The project involves a morning with Astrid Longhurst, themed, Forging Ahead with Hope, Courage and love’.

More than 6 in every 10 carers are women. Over 21% of care is provided for 43 or more hours per week and women provide two thirds of this care. ( In many instances women sacrifice the opportunity to achieve economic independence or develop their career; they may feel they are not living a life of their own choosing.

Being a caregiver impacts the carer, determining the quality and duration of sleep, their ability to work outside the home, their income, their ability to have any meaningful opportunities for self-care, the ability to maintain relationships and to hold onto any semblance of their own identity that is not enmeshed with caring.

The aims of this project are:-

v To deliver a Professionally designed programme

v To have a relaxing stress free morning

v To learn tools for self care

v To create an opportunity for social interaction

v To encourage sharing with women who walk in their shoes

v To enable women to forge new friendships

v To encourage and support the women to form a supportive networking circle facilitated by the Phoenix Womens Centre

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