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Flashing Can Lead to Sex Offending

Lurid Behaviour Being Trivialised

It was reported yesterday that a man exposed himself to a teenage girl in Tralee. A lot of responses to this on social media was to treat it as a joke , something to giggle at, it isn't.Sexual assault of any kind is serious, it makes women feel unsafe , it's traumatising. Flashing can be a precursor to more serious sexual offences, Wayne Couzens who murdered Sarah Everard had a history of indecently exposing himself. It's time to stop trivialising these attacks on women and girls. "According to police and sex therapists who treat flashers, the "harmless old git" tag is wildly off-beam. The flasher is more likely to be a young man - they start offending in their teens and, unless treated, continue throughout their lives - who may, over time, branch out into more serious contact sex crimes, including rape. Flashers are also highly likely to become involved in crimes against children"

It's the stuff of Benny Hill sketches and seaside postcards. But flashing can be the first step on a slippery slope of sex offending. Anita Chaudhuri reports.

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